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Piracetam Nootropil

Bottle of 90 tablets. 500 mg of Piracetam. Piracetam or Nootropil is a nootropic. Brand: Neotropil

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Piracetam Nootropil
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Piracetam Info

Nootropil (Piracetam) belongs to a class nootropics or ‘smart drugs’ – compounds capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier; these are all known for their ability to improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention and intelligence. Moreover, Piracetam has a positive effect upon corpus callosum – allowing the user to draw on greater brain potential.


Mode of action:

 Piracetam’s mode of action is still unclear, but a few hypotheses have been proposed:


  • Enhancing cellular signalling via restoration of membrane fluidity
  • Modulation and synthesis of steroid-sensitive proteins in memory storage/consolidation
  • Interaction with glutamate neurotransmission
  • Interaction with acetylcholine neurotransmission

Piracetam has been proven an effective therapy in many areas:

  • A successful treatment of alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  • Improved ‘senile involution’ dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Speeded recovery from aphasia after stroke
  • Restoration of speech, EEG, state of consciousness or use of limbs in people with acute and chronic cerebral ischemia
  • Improved co-operation, alertness, socialisation and IQ in elderly ‘mild diffuse cerebral impairment’ patients
  • Increased memory, verbal learning, reading comprehension and accuracy, as well as speed and accuracy of writing and spelling, in dyslexic children
  • Potentiated anticonvulsant action in epilepsy treatment without causing cognitive deficits
  • Reversed typical EEG slowing increased vigilance, attention and memory in aging individuals


Piracetam combinations:

Piracetam can be combined with DMAE, Centrophenoxine, Choline or Hydergine to increase the effects. For memory improvement the most successful combination is Piracetam with Choline.



Studies have shown piracetam to enhance learning and memory, provide certain degree of neuroprotection and neuroplasticity (neuronal recovery). The applications include treatment of cognitive disorders, dyslexia, sickle cell anaemia, vertigo and cortical myoclonus (involuntary, spontaneous muscle movements). The success of this drug varies depending on the individual however has been showed to produce more noticeable effects in aged individuals.



Taken orally Piracetam has nearly 100 percent plasma bioavailability, i.e. the drug reaches bloodstream practically unaltered. It is absorbed rapidly, and is at peak plasma concentration within first 30 minutes of intake.



High dosage tolerability has been shown in controlled human clinical trials: oral doses of 2.4-4.8 g/day have not caused noticeable side effects. Piracetam is removed in urine thus people with kidney deficiencies should be cautious.


Side Effects

Piracetam side effects are rare and more likely to present in elderly patients; these include irritability, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, trembling and agitation, fatigue and drowsiness. In some cases increased libido, hypersensitive skin reactions, occasional dryness of the mouth and weight gain.


Drug Interactions

A single case has been reported where combination of Piracetam with thyroid hormone extracts (T3 + T4) resulted in confusion, irritability and sleeping disorders.



All nootropics are synergistic therefore, when combining them individual doses may have to be altered so as to avoid possible side effects (like nausea and headaches).


The safety for using piracetam during pregnancy has not been sufficiently established.



Store out of reach of children; no special storage conditions are required.

Do not use after the expiry date.


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Great product as usual with rxcart.
Piracetam is a strong product, Me and a few friends used this to help us with our exams and studying. Very impressed.

Only side effect was a slight headache at first but that went after first three days, suppose this was the body getting used to it.



Very hard to find now a days,
Currently using for help with my hectic life style.

Currently In my PHD studies, which involves learning how the brain functions, so I know alot about Piracetam and the effects it has on the brain and body.

There is literally no other product out their like it!

Will certainly order again!



It is hard to get these around now which does the job, and i can tell these does work! Will order more later, thanks



The pills don't work.



Great delivery and customer service as usual. Didn't find the product terribly effective but not all Nootropils are effective for everybody. The lack of effect is in stark contrast to all other RxCart products I have used.



First I have tried this, it was working fine, but later I have discovered that I get 60 capsules of 1200mg piracetam in Slovakia. Its fully legal, over the counter, and it costs 10 GBP, and its pharmacy grade for sure. So the product did work for me, but price is not the best for me.



very glad I found this product. Piracetam is hard to come by since the supplement market was shut down.

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