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Bottle of 30 tablets 20mg of Isotretinoin per tablet. Antradin is a vitamin A related retinoid used to treat skin conditions such as severe acne.

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Bottle of 30 tablets 20mg of Isotretinoin per tablet. Antradin is a vitamin A related retinoid used to treat skin conditions such as severe acne.


What does Accutane do?

Accutane is prescribed to treat severe acne when other methods such as topical treatments or antibiotics are ineffective. It may be also prescribed for other conditions, as determined by a physician.

It is very important to understand how Accutane works prior starting the therapy. These pills contain an active ingredient Isotretinoin that belongs to the retinoid group of compounds – that are derived from Vitamin A. When taken orally, isotretinoin reduces natural oil (sebum) secretion from the skin. It is not unusual to have worse acne during the first few days of commencement of treatment. This will normally last for no more than 2 weeks. After that the initial skin irritation gradually declines.

How does the Accutane work?

Isotretinoin is a medication used for the treatment of severe acne and in some cases to prevent certain skin cancers. It is a retinoid and in small quantities occurs naturally in the body. Isotretinoin binds to and activates nuclear retinoic acid receptors (RAR), and regulates cell proliferation and differentiation. Isotretinoin also exhibits immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory responses and inhibits ornithine decarboxylase, this way decreasing polyamine synthesis and keratinization.

Isotretinoin is indicated in the treatment of severe recalcitrant nodular acne. Nodules are inflammatory lesions with a diameter of 5mm or greater. The nodules may become suppurative or hemorrhagic. The improvement in patients with nodular acne is associated with a reduction in sebum secretion; this decrease is temporary and corresponds to the dose and duration of Accutane therapy as well as the reduction in sebaceous gland size and an inhibition of sebaceous gland differentiation. Isotretinoin reduces the production of sebum and shrinks the sebaceous glands. It stabilises keratinization and prevents comedones from forming. It also reduces inflammation in moderate-severe inflammatory acne. The exact MOA is not yet fully understood, however it is known that isotretinoin alters DNA transcription.

How should Accutane be taken?

Prescription dose may considerably vary depending on patient skin type and other inheritable factors. Accutane is usually taken twice a day, after meals with a full glass of water. It is also recommended to take fish oil capsules together with Accutane to improve absorption. Accutane must be used for no less than 12 weeks, and the standard course is normally 12 -16 weeks. After this period acne should be significantly subsided or completely eradicated. Longer courses of course work better. Acne relapse is highly unlikely after a full course. However, in rare cases an additional course may be prescribed.

Side Effects

Accutane can cause dryness of the skin, lips or irritation to the eyes; body aches, fever, headaches or other symptoms of flu. Some may experience mood swings, anxiety, depression, or even aggression. Severe side effects include adverse skin reactions, rashes, blisters on the limbs, back, chest, conjunctivitis or mouth ulcers.

Safety Information

Doctor’s recommendations should be strictly followed: medication should be taken with or after the meal; skin should be protected from heat and extreme sunlight at all times.

Isotretinoin has been reported to cause birth defects thus pregnant women should NEVER take Accutane at any point during full trimester. Sexually active women should use at least two effective forms of contraception for at least 1 month before, during, and after cessation of the treatment. Pregnancy tests should be conducted regularly, on a monthly basis.

Accutane is contraindicated in children under twelve; pre-pubertal acne cases; hyperlipidaemia, hypervitaminosis A; in patients allergic to any component of Accutane, with soya or peanut allergies; inherited fructose intolerance; people treated with tetracycline. Obese, diabetic, or those with disrupted lipid metabolism, or kidney function should be particularly cautious and follow doctor’s instructions at all times.

Patients should avoid exposure to extreme sunlight at all times. No sunbeds or waxing of any part of the body. Certain forms of skin treatment (exfoliates, keratolytics, antibiotics, radiation therapy or laser procedures for smoothening) are not recommended. Patients should not be donating blood during and 4 weeks after the course of Accutane.

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